About Us


Distorted Imagery is an independent clothing brand founded by 2 entrepreneurs from San Antonio Texas.

Just like our brand, we were born and raised in Texas.

We believe in quality! This is why we strive to provide the best product and experience when you shop with us.

We believe in community!

Here at Distorted Imagery, we are artist and creators. We spend lots of time in the community at local trade shows with amazing artisans. It is important that we always treat others fairly and give credit where credit is due. It is also important to us that we share with and support our neighbors.

We started as an American Made brand.

Our online store will feature blank garments from American Apparel. If you meet us locally we also work Bayside Apparel into the blank garments we print on. Both are American made and sourced.

During the current Pandemic of 2020 and moving forward, we would like to offer more affordable options to our customers. You will have the choice of American Made products, or a budget option of our same awesome designs on garments that are sourced outside the USA.